About Us

Unioffices Management Services Corp. operates in a Global Business Service model focusing in managing general and administrative tasks of the business.

We specialize in multifunctional areas such as:

  1.  Information Technology
  2.  Finance
  3.  Human Resources
  4.  Administrative
  5. Corporate Governance and Compliance
  6. Audit
  7. Security and Fleet Management
  8. Legal Services and Strategic Planning
  9. Organizational Development

Unioffices Management Services Corp. was established in June 13, 2017 to provide exceptional all-in-one business management solutions. It engages in consultancy services and act as a management consultant, contractor and agent and render technical advice for development agencies, commercial enterprises, traders, organizations and other kinds of entities. It also acts as managers or managing agents of persons, firms, associations, corporations, partnerships and other entities and undertake, carry on, assist or participate in the promotion, organization, management, liquidation or reorganization of corporations, partnerships and other entities and provide outsourcing services incidental to its purposes and other related services.

The company is currently managing and providing high-quality business solutions to the following companies: Grand Eight Export Packing and Logistics Corp., a logistics company dedicated to the Filipino Golden standard; Wetalk Educational Corp., an educational company committed to providing the best family-centered teaching organization through interactive learning; Earthauz, Inc., a realty management company gearing up to be the leading and most-trusted real estate platform in the Philippines; and Phihope Business Consultancy Corp., a company specializing in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to create sustainable growth.


To be the leading provider of innovative, comprehensive, and highly-convenient business management solutions for a wide array of enterprises and applications, committed to consistent and exceptional service.


Unioffices Management Services Corp aims to provide outstanding level of expertise and services to clients and business partners through:

  • Delivering fast and hassle-free business management solutions through innovative and highly-effective methods, systems, and processes implemented by experienced and highly effective staff.
  • Providing convenient and flexible business management packages for a wide range of clients.

Our Leaders

  • Functional Expertise
  • Strong Customer Service
  • Agile and Responsive Senior Leaders